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Available By Appointment Only

If you would like to book an appointment
to get a tattoo or piercing,         

     Call me at (806) 373-8707
  You can message me on Facebook

You can also reach me at either of these emails :



My Facebook pages are listed under
Illustrated Lady Tattoo & Piercing Studio & School
    (Amarillo, Texas)              

I have 2 business pages on Facebook.
You must book your appointment on the page that has over 25,000 likes on it
(My group page doesn't have message options available on it)             

If you have a design in mind,
You must send it to me on Facebook
so that I can print it out

If you don't have a Facebook Account,
Or.. If you don't have a design in mind,
You will need to make an additional appointment
so that we can find a design for you together.
This will need to be done in person at my studio.   

Please Note :
 Due to high volume of appointments,
 You must book your appointment in advance

  Thank You