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                We Have Openings Available For Professional 

    Self Employed Tattoo Artists & Piercers, Permanent Cosmetic Artists,

We require 5 consecutive years in a licensed studio & you must prove it.
                                     (no exceptions)


All professionals (excluding permanent cosmetic artists) must use our needles, tubes, gloves, paper towels, ink, forceps, jewelry, our location health department license
(we already have our valid location health department license)
you will be self employed under our location license, ect.. (no exceptions)

Please Note : Permanent Cosmetic Artists have different requirements than is required for our professional tattooers & piercers.

 You must provide your professional tattoo machine(s), footswitch, clipcord, power supply.. Don't order or purchase ANYTHING until you know all of the requirements that are needed.

         You are also required to provide your camera & portfolio

         (wait to purchase this - we will tell you what you need)

We must approve everything before it can be used in here  (includes equipment)

                    (No other exceptions will be allowed)


Required Tests : Hepatitus B,   Hepatitus C,   H.I.V.,  Tuberculosis
 (for sores)  Herpes 1 (test)

 (required before you start here. I need proof that have been recieved & no risks exist)

                 These tests must be done at your expense.


                   Set Up Fee (1 time fee)

                   Set Up Fee = $ 195

(Student - Successfully Graduated From Our School Yesterday) Set up Fee = $ 0
(Student - Successfully Graduated From Our School - Prior)      Set Up Fee = $ 95


                       (Must Be Done At Our Studio)

  OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Training Test (at your expense)

Any Bloodborne Pathogen Test is NOT a tattoo or piercing license (or certificate)
permitting you to tattoo or pierce in your home (or anywhere else)
The "Texas Department Of State Health Services Regulatory Licensing Unit"
is the ONLY facility that can issue a tattoo or piercing license permitting you to tattoo or pierce. (Located in Austin, Texas)
Please Note : A tattoo or piercing "certificate" does NOT exist in the state of Texas permitting you to tattoo or pierce in your home (or anywhere else)
We can NOT accept your tattoo or piercing license (or certificate) that was issued to you to use at a different location in Texas (or) in any other state.
In the state of Texas you are required to obtain a tattoo or piercing license (separate licenses),
per location (exact address on the license). This does include a temporary license (only 7 days allowed per temporary license issued) as is required from the
"Texas Department Of State Health Services Regulatory Licensing Unit".

You are NOT required to obtain a tattoo or piercing license in order to be a  tattooer or piercer in my studio. My tattoo & piercing license for my studio covers anyone that is tattooing or piercing at the studio location that is listed on the license. This does NOT cover any tattoo or piercing services outside of the studio location (your house, any temporary event or any place other than the address that is listed on the tattoo & piercing license)


                        (Must Be Done At Our Private Laboratory Only)

Pre-Self Employment Drug Test & Random Drug Tests  (at your expense)    
  (must be successfully completed & approved before you can start) 

                   Criminal & Terrorist Background Check (at your expense)
          (Must be successfully completed & approved before you can start)

                    Other Random Tests  (at your expense)


                 Required Shots : Hepatitus B,   Meningitis    
(Must be approved before you can start, if you don't get all of the immunizations as required, you won't be able to be in our shop until they are recieved & approved)

                 (You are self employed. Must be done at YOUR expense) 

                                Hepititus B  (done at YOUR expense)

1.   1st Shot - immediately before you start here.

2.   2nd Shot - 1 month (or as required) after your 1st vaccination is recieved.

3.   3rd Shot -  6 months (or as required) for your 3rd vaccination

                                  Meningitis  (done at YOUR expense)

                        Only Required if you are UNDER 30 Years Old


                          (10 day incubation period)


                          Document Requirements :
 (all must be recieved & approved before you can start anything in our shop)

1. You must provide original documentation that all of the required tests & all of the required shots have been recieved & no symptoms exist.. You must keep all of the required tests & all of the required vaccinations current & we always keep all of this documentation for our files..

2. Proof Of Residency  (we will tell you what is required)

3. Proof Of Citizenship  (we will tell you what is required)

4. You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old

5. You Must Have A Verifiable Job, Verifiable Residence & Verifiable Transportation 

          (we will tell you what is required)

6. Proof of 5 consecutive years of operating a licensed tattoo or piercing studio 

                  - Plus Many Other Requirements -


                    You won't use any designated space or shift.

          You can choose the space & shift that we have available at the time.

       If you don't show up, you will lose all of your privilege to be in here.

            Somebody else will get the opportunity to be in here instead

    (We reserve the right to refuse a space to anyone at anytime for any reason)


If you don't pay your monthly minimum required fee by the 5th of the month, You will be required to pay $ 20 Per Day Late Fee Charge. (Only permitted up to 30 days)

If you are more than 30 days late for your monthly payment, You don't owe us any late fee anymore.. (You must "Start Over")

Professionals make 40% commission for the first year. After the first year has been successfully completed, Professionals make 50% commission..
(Commission received for your actual hands on procedures. Does not include care supplies, jewelry, any merchandise sales, ect)


               If You Ever Leave Here And If Your Allowed To Come Back


                     If you are more than 30 days late for your payment :

          Start Over Fee  (required each time that you are allowed to come back)

                                Start Over Fee = $ 295

(All Students - Successfully Graduated From Our School)  Start Over Fee = $ 195

You Must Start Over On " Everything "  That's Required From Us For Our Professional Artists (OR) Piercers That Is Going On At That Time..

**Please Note: If you "Start Over" your commission will be 40% for the first year. After the first year your commission will be 50% (50% = if you don't need to "start over")

           You Must Pay Your 1st & Last Month Minimum Required Payment

(Bring All Required Documentation, You Choose Hours Upon Availability, Purchase Brand New Equipment, Supplies, Plus Everything That Is Required To Be In Here, Ect..)

Please Note : We won't save you a spot for any reason until this has been done..


                               Monday - Friday
                       Day (or) Night (1 Choice)

                              4 Hour Choices : (1 Choice)
Morning : 8:00 am / 8:30 am - 12 pm / 12:30 pm (if available)
 Afternoon  : 2 pm - 6 pm (if available )
Night : 8:30 pm - 12:30 am  (if available)

(Only 1 Shift Is Allowed To Be Chosen Prior To Starting Out (OR) Starting Over)
                       Shift Chosen Only Allowed Upon Availability

You must be here for your minimum monthly required hours that were paid in order to be able to continue to be in here.
If you are not here for your minimum required hours per month,
you will be required to "Start Over" (If Robin will allow it)

You can pay for additional hours (or) shifts upon availability.
You can not substitute your shift or minimum required hours that were prepaid in your monthly fees

          No Unlicensed Tattooing (or) Piercing Is Permitted At Anytime
        You will be out of here with no 2nd chances to be in here again
                No Exceptions Will Be Accepted For Any Reason


No Refunds, Credits Or Exchanges On Any Money Or Supplies That We've Received OR That You Have Spent In order To Be In Our Establishment

                       Monthly Payment Requirements

** All Professionals That "Start Out" (OR) "Start Over" Are Required To Pay 1st Month & Last Month Minimum Required Payment  (IN FULL) each time. (Non Refundable)

                              (Due on The 1st, Late On The 5th)

Monthly Payments Covers a legal, zoned, licensed establishment to tattoo or pierce in. (You must comply with all of the rules & regulations or you will be denied all of your priveleges)

All Monthly fees are required whether or not you are here..

                                 Piercer Monthly Fees
                                         $ 25 hour
 Student Graduate Discount = $ 20 hour
                                          $ 100 = (1) 4 hour shift 
Student Graduation Discount = $ 80 = (1) 4 hour shift

                       Piercer Minimum Monthly Requirement
                  You must pay for (2) 4 hour shifts
                 (minimum = 2 days paid for per month)
                                     = $ 200 month
Student Graduate Discount = $ 160 month


                                  Tattooer Monthly Fees

                    (Includes Permanent Cosmetic = 1 choice)         

            2 Choices = (Tattoo + Perm. Cosmetic) = Double These Fees

                                        $ 50 hour
Student Graduate Discount = $ 40 hour

                                        $ 200 = (1) 4 hour shift
Student Graduate Discount = $ 160 = (1) 4 hour shift

            Monthly Tattooer Minimum Monthly Requirement
                     You must pay for (2) 4 hour shifts
                            (minimum = 2 days paid per month)
                                     = $ 400 month
Student Graduate Discount = $ 320 month


                            Tattooer & Piercer  Fees

                    (Includes Permanent Cosmetic = 1 choice)         

            3 choices (= Tat + Perm. Cos. + Pierce) = ask us for pricing

                                        $ 75 hour
Student Graduate Discount = $ 60 hour

                                        $ 300 = (1) 4 hour shift
Student Graduate Discount = $ 240 = (1) 4 hour shift

           Tattooer & Piercer Minimum Monthly Requirement
                      You must pay for (2) 4 hour shifts
                           (minimum = 2 days paid per month)
                                     = $ 600 month
Student Graduate Discount = $ 480 month


 We Do Have Many More Requirements & Restrictions In Order To Rent Spaces

                         Call Us Today For More Information....