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                     Apprenticeship Information :


You must complete a  1 year  course in our school before you can begin an  apprenticeship with us.. Your apprenticeship will begin on the next day following your graduation date of your 1 year course.. We will not apprentice anyone that has not taken our 1 year course for the apprenticeship that is desired.

You must be prepared & completely ready to begin your apprenticeship on the day following your graduation date. You must have all of your equipment, camera, portfolio and everything that is required to be an apprentice in our establishment.

You are required to do everything exactly as is required from our Professional Artists & Piercers in order to be an apprentice (or) become a Professional in our establishment. (See Professional Artist/Piercer Spaces for all requirements & all fees that are needed in order to be a professional (or apprentice) in our establishment. Those are the exact same requirements in order to be an apprentice in our establishment, you are not required to have 5 consecutive years in a licensed studio to become an apprentice in our establishment. You are getting those consecutive years needed, from us, when you complete your 1 year course & 4 year apprenticeship.)

See all of our required tests, immunizations,  documents and everything that is required in order for you to be an apprentice under our Professional Artist/ Piercer Spaces information..

A piercing apprenticeship (OR) tattoo apprenticeship (OR) tattoo & piercing apprenticeship will take 4 years following your  1 year  course before you can become a professional in our establishment (your  1 year  course  &  your 4 year apprenticeship = your 5 consecutive years in a licensed establishment that is required from everyone in order to become a professional in our establishment)

Our 4 Year Apprenticeship Fee  (OR)  5 Year Apprenticeship Fee = See Professional Artist/Piercer Spaces to find the fees information You will be required to pay those fees)

                               Set Up Fee (1 time fee)

            Set Up Fee is required before you can start your apprenticeship

                               Set Up Fee = $ 195

(Student - Successfully Graduated From Our School Yesterday)  Set Up Fee = $ 0
(Prior Student - Successfully Graduated From Our School - Prior) Set Up Fee = $ 95


You will need to complete a osha bloodborne pathogen test (this must be completed at OUR studio only), a criminal background check, a drug test & proof that all of your required disease tests & immunizations have been recieved & that no symptoms exist or no other " risks" exist. All tests & immunizations must be current. You must provide us with all of the required documentation. All of this is done at your expense. 

Please Note : We have a specific laboratory that you must go to for all of the drug screen & criminal background check requirements.

 (look under  "professional artist / piercer spaces"  for more information of all of our requirements that is needed)

Apprentices make 40% commission for the first year. After you've successfully completed your first year (without starting over), You will make 50% commission.
Commission = All of your actual hands on procedures. Does not include care supplies, jewelry sales, merchandise sales, ect..

     You must use our ink, needles, tubes, furniture, supplies, license, everything..

                       You must provide your camera & portfolio..

All tattooers must provide their professional tattoo machine(s), clip cord, footswitch & power supply.. 
DON'T purchase or order anything until you know what the actual requirements are & what will be needed. 


We Have Many Other Requirements & Restrictions In Order To Be An Apprentice.. 


If you ever leave here & decide to come back (and Robin allows it)

You'll be required to pay a Start Over Fee (each time) before you can start over

                           Start Over Fee = $ 295

(All Students - Successfully Graduated From Our School) Start Over Fee = $ 195

See Professional Artist / Piercer Spaces "Start Over" information for details on commission, ect..


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