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 Call us at (806) 373-8707 to get information on how to schedule an appointment

                        Tattoos Are Available By Appointment Only

                             Appointment Information :

                                    Please Note :

                    No Verbal Appointments Accepted

                           First Come, First Serve..

                We Can't "Hold" A Spot For You If You Call Us First

We Do Have Many Restrictions In Order To Recieve A Tattoo Or Piercing From Us

We Always Require Full Payment Before Any Tattoo Session (OR) Piercing Can Be Recieved  (OR)  Before Any Appointment Can Be Made..
       All Money Recieved Is Non-Refundable..

All of our tattoo prices are based upon the tattoo session that is to be recieved.. If the tattoo needs another session to complete it, you will be required to prepay full payment before any additional tattoo session is to be recieved..


  We Always Charge "Tattoo Session Time"
 (Tattoo Session Time = Our Time)

If you make an appointment, you will get all of the piercing & tattoo prices that are available at the time that the appointment is made.


                         Tattoo  OR  Piercing

                       Make An Appointment :

(Call Us First To Make Sure We Are Open & Available To Book Your Appointment)

Please note : We don't have any set hours during the winter


          (We May Have To Reschedule Your Appointment If Necessary)


Please Note :   We Are Sometimes Closed For Sterilization Procedures (OR) For Many Other Various Reasons.

(You May Call Us First To Make Sure We Are Open & That We Are Not Busy)


      We don't make any online appointments or verbal appointments :

We require a non-refundable deposit before any tattoo or piercing appointment can be made. You must be at least 18 years old to be able to recieve any services from us, purchase any of our merchandise or to be able to enter our establishment. Otherwise, you must have a parent or guardian with you.. You are only allowed to enter our premises if you are going to make an appointment to recieve a tattoo or piercing (or) if you are actually going to recieve a tattoo or piercing (or) if you are going to make a purchase for care supplies, jewelry or for any of our merchandise.. If you are under 18, your parent or guardian must bring all of the required documentation to us that they are your parent or guardian before you are allowed to enter our establishment for any reason.. They must stay with you at all times that you are inside our establishment..This is required for EACH time that you plan to come into our establishment.. (No other exceptions will be allowed)  


      We Are Not Responsible For Typographical Errors or Misprints..    

   We Reserve The Right To Make Changes At Any Time Without Prior Warning..  

We Reserve The Right To Refuse Any Of Our Services to Anyone For Any Reason. 

    No Refunds, Credit Or Exchanges For Any Money That We Have Recieved..