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 (Please Note : We do close for sterilization procedures & for many other reasons)

                           We have gift certificates available


  OSHA Compliance Bloodborne Pathogen Certified Owner & Piercer : Robin Grant 

                            Hand Polished Jewelry

                             Made In The U.S.A.

Highest Quality Implant Grade ASTM F Certified Jewelry Include :

Stones, Surgical Stainless Steel, Niobium, Titanium, 14k Yellow (or) White Gold

                         Tarnish Resistant Jewelry

                Custom Body Jewelry   (if you think it, we can have it made)


            We Do Infant, Children & Teenager Ear Stud Piercings!!!!!!

                            (Earlobe piercings only)

                  (adults can choose this method if desired)

               All of our ear piercing guns are 100% stainless steel

              - completely sanitized & sterilized after each use -

  We Have The Best Quality Of Metal & Jewelry That Is Available On The Market 

                    100% Stainless Steel Ear Piercing Studs

                             (No plated jewelry)

Available in birthstones, pearls (many colors), cubic zirconia, black onyx & more..

We have a huge variety of ear studs & earrings for healed piercings that we can order for you or you can purchase. Studs are available in 100% Stainless Steel, 14k (real) solid gold, pearls & many more..

              1 (OR)  2 Earlobe Piercings (same person) : 

                 100% Stainless Steel = $ 29.95 (total price)
            Please Note :  If You Only Get 1 Earlobe Piercing,
           You Will Get The other Earring That is In The Pack
                       To Take With You  (To Use As A Spare)
          ** This is the price for our Ear Gun method**
Needle Method with these 100% Stainless Steel Studs
                    = $ 29.95 (Each Ear)
                  No "Pair" Prices Available

                14k (real) solid gold
                   Ask us for prices

              (These ear piercing prices does include jewelry & tax)                            

  Call us for all requirements needed before you bring your infant or children in..


                        Call Us For Other Piercing Prices :
       This Does Include Industrial, Dermals, Spiral Piercings, Cheek, Dimple,
           Surface, Corset & Any Other Piercings That We do


                       Hours Of Operation:
(sometimes we are closed due to weather conditions (or) for many other reasons)

Call us first before you come to the shop to make sure that we have piercing openings available & that we are open  (806) 373-8707


                       No verbal appointments accepted.

                            First Come, First Serve..

       No refunds, credit or exchanges on any money that we have received..